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Rainbow Six Siege is like that moment in fighting games where both of you are low on HP and the fight is still going on and the tension is uber real.

Not gonna review the game, but just praise the fuck out of Rainbow Six Siege right now.


The entire game is like a fighting game, but short and sweet. It’s what a Moba wishes it could be. Because you don’t spend 100 games losing unless you have friends to show you how it works, and you don’t get cursed at for being bad (At least not as far as I know.)

You defend against the siege, or you are the siege and the siege is GLORIOUS. There are so many ways to enter and attack your opponents, and there is no clear cut way to get things done, it all depends on how creative, effective and methodical you are.


The matches are short and sweet and the moment where your team and your enemies team’s numbers begin to dwindle is this clutch moment of which you are fighting to stay alive.

It’s a game that is slow paced, yet fast at the same time. I have never seen a game operate this slowly but get my adrenaline to rush this much at the same time, it’s just nothing short of amazing.


The sweet and glorious feeling of tension, survival and kill or be killed is captured perfectly in Rainbow Six: Siege.

....It’s moments like this where I forget that I hated Ubisoft just a second ago, then they make this master game.......God dammit.

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